It’s our favorite time of the month! Time to pick up a copy of Outcast #27 and speculate wildly about what it all means!! So, do us a favor: read Outcast #27, digest everything you learned, then come back and tell us what you thought. Obviously, there will be SPOILERS below!

Previously: Kyle Barnes hones his abilities… preparing for the battle ahead.

This month: Kyle is taken on a journey to find answers and is forced to use his newly honed abilities along the way. The evil around him is growing stronger–causing Reverend Anderson to seek out new allies.

What is Reverend Anderson up to? How about those reveals about what Kyle’s up against? What are your thoughts on Kyle’s sick new “training” beard? Collect all your feels and throw them into a comment below. Our favorite comment this month gets a signed OUTCAST BY KIRMAN & AZACETA #27 so get commenting!



  1. So yea, throughout this issue I started humming eye of the tiger when Kyle was ‘training’. I’m digging the whiskers on him though, it’s clean and not as messy as in the first issue! (Thanks for that)

  2. The new beard is amazing! I love the new look! And that last page has me so excited…I cannot wait to see Kyle go full Simon on them! Also love the ying/yang concept with the light and dark entities (and not to mention, the white and dark color parallels there haha).

  3. I agree with Matthew, I definitely dig the new look. I can’t wait to see more of Kyle’s training and how he will control his powers. Also, I want to see what the Rev has in stores for us! At the beginning of the issue we get a glimpse of the two worlds, but to me things are still a bit unclear…maybe I’m just stupid haha 🙂

  4. I’m glad we’re finally learning more about what it truly means to be ‘Outcast’ and I’m really enjoying the addition of Kyle’s father in the story. Since what happened to Sydney it feels like everything just shifted up a gear!


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