June has just begun (how is that possible?) and with a new month comes a brand-spankin’ new issue of OUTCAST! Grab yourself a copy of OUTCAST #28 from your local comic shop or Comixology, read it and head back here cause obviously, there will be SPOILERS below!

Previously: Kyle is taken on a journey to find answers and is forced to use his newly honed abilities along the way. The evil around him is growing stronger–causing Reverend Anderson to seek out new allies.

This month: Reverend Anderson has become the center of attention as more and more people are starting to see his side of things. Will this help Kyle’s cause–or hurt it? Kyle needs to figure it out fast because the fate of the world rests on his shoulders.

What do YOU think about Kyle’s new abilities? Is the Rev getting back into the swing of things a good thing or a bad thing? Has he finally lost it? What will it mean to have the rest of Kyle’s family with him? Gather your thoughts and pop them into a comment below Our favorite comment this month gets a signed OUTCAST BY KIRMAN & AZACETA #28 so get to it!



  1. Can’t believe the Angels and Demons spiel came in again! And The Rev’s shit eating look when he told Kyle he was an Angel! Guess now that means he’s more Holy than Sidney!

  2. I loved this issue and really enjoy what is being done with Reverend Anderson since he is constantly making us question his actions while seeing his effect on other people. Awesome Issue !!!

  3. Jeez Rev, calm down a tad! Anderson has been my favorite since the beginning, but I can’t shake the feeling that he’s still a bit unhinged after taking out Sidney. He’s honestly one of the most real characters that I have ever read, and is up there as one of my favorite comic characters of all time, up there with Negan. Let’s hope his “army” turns out well, if it did, it would be pretty RIGHTEOUS.


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