OUTCAST #29 is finally here! This issue, somehow, has even MORE new story and character developments. Go grab yourself a copy and read it ASAP cause the comments are gonna be filled with spoilers.

This Month: There are certain places Outcasts just should not go. Kyle and his father have taken a huge risk.

Previously: Reverend Anderson has become the center of attention as more and more people are starting to see his side of things. Will this help Kyle’s cause–or hurt it? Kyle needs to figure it out fast because the fate of the world rests on his shoulders.

What do you think of what Kyle and his dad found? Is what the Rev’s doing helpful or a hinderance? Are you still digging Kyle’s epic beard as much as we are? Answer any of these questions and more in a comment below! Our favorite comment this month gets a Robert Kirkman signed copy of OUTCAST #29 so get to it!



  1. Incredible issue! This series keeps getting better and better. Can’t wait to see how the new Outcast Daphne fits into everything. I hope this kid talking to Anderson leads to some sort of redemption for him, and not going further down the dark path he started in Issue #24.

  2. Wow. New arc is Straight ????. Redemption or Damnnation? Oh Anderson!! What do you do when u come to the fork in the road? Go straight!!

  3. I’m not too sure how the outcast Simon and Kyle we’re going after is going to help. But! The girl they took instead I am very skeptical of. She may be in shock but can she just become an outcast too? I saw her fighting some of the possessed too.


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