OUTCAST #30 is finally here! Like this month’s issue of The Walking Dead, Outcast introduced fans to an exciting new character and the start of a new arc.

This Month: “THE COMING STORM” The forces of evil are closing in.

Previously: “UNWELCOMED” There are certain places Outcasts just should not go. Kyle and his father have taken a huge risk.

What do you think of Rowland Tusk? What’s next for Daphne? Can Kyle really pull of the no beard look? Answer any of these questions and more in a comment below! Our favorite comment this month gets a Robert Kirkman signed copy of OUTCAST #30 so get to it!


  1. The way those people just caved at the site of him in the church was epic! Rowland seems like such an intense guy demanding nothing but power. Kyle and family need to seriously prepare for what’s to come! Also, another big thing happened in this issue… The Death of Kyle’s Beard! 🙁

  2. Great issue! I was hoping the new guy was a good guy, but that’s just not the case. He was a lot meaner than I thought he would be. It was hard to read those last couple of pages. I can’t wait to find out what Kyle will do about it when he finds out. I think the shave was a good idea because we have too many people with facial hair as it is.


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