This month’s Outcast issue provided us with some much-needed exposition of this world (and others). Below we slightly altered the character Power Rankings.

1. Simon


Simon’s staying at the top of our rankings for training Kyle to use his powers and providing much-needed context of why he has the powers that he does. However, we still have questions for Simon – like how did he discover the truth about outcasts? And how many others like Kyle has he trained?

2. Kyle Barnes


Kyle has already become stronger since he fell under his father’s tutelage. Not only can he harness his powers with better focus but he also understands WHY the powers around him exist. Hopefully he can channel the training into real results.

3. Chief Giles


In the face of uncertain evil Chief Giles has always been the shoulder for people to lean on. Whether he’s listening to you vent or helping you cover up a murder he’s THERE for you. This is why he stays so high in our rankings.

4. Allison Barnes


Allison has finally realized that Kyle’s a POSITIVE influence in her and Amber’s lives. “We’re both happier,” she reflects to Giles. We’re glad to see she’s come around.

5. Amber Barnes


Simon squashed any doubt over Amber’s abilities when he confirmed to Kyle that she inherited her powers from him. Although we have yet to see her banish demonic forces, she’s still more powerful than your average elementary schooler.

6. Possessed Romans


Kyle’s entity-expulsion training can only spell trouble for the possessed Romans at this point. Although the issue leaves off on a cliff-hanger, circumstances aren’t looking great for these spooky folks.

7. Megan Holter (+1)


Megan didn’t do anything spectacular this issue but she’s still a very important person in Kyle’s life.

8. Reverend Anderson (-1)


What exactly is Reverend Anderson up to? We can’t tell you, but for now he’s sneaking around the woods and following folks to sketchy forest churches. It could mean something big for the future, but for the moment the Rev holds no power over anyone.

How did you feel about our new rankings following this issue? What’s the ceiling on Kyle’s newfound abilities? Help us answer them in the comments:



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