Welcome to our new website! As OUTCAST by KIRKMAN & AZACETA heads into it’s FOURTH arc (issue #19 will be out July 27!) and the show is less than a month away we figured we should really have a home for all things OUTCAST, whatever form they might come in. Our partners at Cinemax have a really great production blog dedicated to the show, so we’ll be pointing out their new posts, as well as posting issue discussions, covers, trailers, new merch, all sorts of stuff!

So click around the site, see if you can break it (and if you do, post a comment and let us know), and get excited for OUTCAST!

NOTE: If you post a comment and don’t see it, DON’T PANIC. it will go into PENDING until we approve it. I think once one or two comments have been manually approved, all of your comments should show immediately.


    • I can’t believe your inroanatientl version of the trip has come to an end! How is that possible? But so glad you will be home soon! We can’t wait to see you (and to have a sleepover).

    • “Évek óta két géppel a nyakamban járok fotózni.”Valószínűleg ott van köztünk különbség, hogy én már évek óta nem “járok fotózni”. Akár városban kószálok, akár a természetben vagyok, az elsÅ‘ számú cél mindig az, hogy ott legyek, hogy lássak és részese lehessek valaminek. Ebben engem iszonyatosan gátolna egy nagy táska.

    • The best wind protection I have found is to use the old material that keeps kids from falling off the trampoline. It is like heavy shade cloth. I put it up attached to 5 green utility type poles and it shields about 20′ wide by 4′the high. Perfect for the wind dominant side of the garden

  1. This is something I’ve been waiting for – looking forward to some new characters and a show I can sink into.

    • Piccola osservazione da coloipttmsta: ma se non riescono a verificare una banalità come questa con i millemila strumenti che esistono, come possiamo fidarci di ciò che scrivono in articoli più seri? Quando riferiscono che il politico X ha dichiarato che, come faccio a fidarmi? Come controllo? Certo, poi smentiscono a pagina 14 in corpo 7, però, bah, mi sento molto blue…

    • Wow, what a listing this time. Seham and Kate. Akiva Eldar’s piece contains some interesting tidbits.Just got this in my email box. Young Jews of JVP video:And although this is OT, considering the reports of congressional activity above, Tom Ferguson on Dylan Ratigan’s show about how congress and money work is enlightening. Podcast (2nd link) well worth listening to.

  2. I’d like to call this site home & hopefully, it will feel like home with some good discussions, without any pre-aired spoilers. LOVE Outcast & looking forward to the TV adaptation!!!


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