Amber Barnes has been through more than a child her age should. The daughter of Kyle Barnes and Alison Barnes she was there the day her mother was taken over by evil. She was saved when Kyle came home and stopped Alison from doing futher damage. Though Kyle is estranged from the family, Amber still loves her father and is the only one that knows what he actually did the night of the attack. She eventually goes to live with him after Amber can’t deal with the truth of the evil that was around them. Amber soon finds she’s more like her dad than anyone thought.





  1. I think she’s great and the actress Madeleine McGraw is absolutely fantastic. Looking forward to see how she deals with her new found powers and how her and Kyle learn about why they are Outcasts together

  2. She will be the exorcist padawan; the Luke Skywalker of the Outcast Jedi. More powerful than her father without his fear and anger.


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