We have AMAZING news: Outcast Season 2 will premiere internationally April 2017!!! U.S. fans: STAY TUNED!

Outcast on FOX first tweeted the news:

Last October, Robert Kirkman surprised everyone and introduced the trailer for Outcast Season 2 at New York Comic Con 2016! The world seems much more uncertain this time around and our characters will have to deal with the growing darkness around them. Get your first look at Outcast’s second season it in its creepy entirety below:


  1. It’s incredibly difficult to get a straight answe on when and where season 2 starts. Does anyone know
    Anything ???

  2. What about us lowly Americans? Where’s our Season 1 DVD? Where’s our Season 2 premiere date? Truly, God has forsaken us

    • Not God just cinemax. I find it stupid as well, especially since its an American station and the trailer was premiered first in New york.

  3. Well this is obviously bullshit. April 2017 has come and gone but still no Season 2 of Outcast in the U.S. 🙄

  4. How hard is it to at least provide an update saying, “as of yet we don’t know when it will premiere in the US, this is what the hold up is”? Seriously, it’s kinda of ridiculous how little information there is about this. It doesn’t really seem like anyone cares about updating fans that have been waiting.

  5. So true!! And I agree with you all, I love this show, and have been waiting for reliable info on the premier date of Season 2 on Cinemax here in America….I read that it has already premiered in England/Europe back in April……..then I read that due to Walking Dead last season was still running, they were not going to release it on Cinemax here in America till the Walking Dead season was finished, which has come and gone now, and still no Outcast. Most recently I got a message stating that Outcast Season 2 would premier on Cinemax here in USA on June 3, which is today/tonight……but I have checked my Menu, and Search Options for Season 2, and Directv says No Info on Season 2……why are they fucking with us here???

  6. The June 3rd date was from last year’s season one premiere. But yeah, this is ridiculous…I’ve been searching at least once a week since Walking Dead ended and I’ve found nothing but spoilers from international viewers.

  7. Season 2 is available online for those willing to seek for it. However, I bet the cut is different for FOX UK version vs. US Cinemax. Personally I will wait for the US release on Cinemax, just wish they would get on with it. Now that “Fear…” is on AMC who knows when will get it. AMC doesn’t take kindly to competitive programing on other stations.

  8. It wouldn’t even be competing. It would be on Mondays and not Sundays. I am glad that I found this thread because I thought I was going crazy searching all over the internet for the season 2 premier and I cannot find anything on it. I wish we could get some answers!

  9. Well i have some news ,not sure what to make of it. I live in the town of York South Carolina where the show has been filmed for season one and season two , in York and the small surrounding area . There was a mural painted on the wall of a building for The town of Rome which has now been completely painted over . And the building across the street which was being used as the rome Police Department has also been returned to its former self which was an empty building all of the letters on the front door saying Rome police department have been removed . So does this mean there will not be a third season? Or does this mean they are just going to continue to shoot in another location? Hmmm

  10. I guess as the fans we are not important! So unprofessional to not give a date for season 2. I am tired of looking for info.

  11. I wish Cinemax would just be honest with us American viewers. They respond to nobody. Doesn’t seem right the UK gets to see it and we can’t even get a comment from them.